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Research and Clinical Center

CREA – Research and Clinical Center - Fondazione San Sebastiano of Misericordia di Firenze is a scientific research and scientific-culture evolution project for the Fondazione San Sebastiano of the Misericordia of Florence. The Center of Research CREA was able to develop because of the joint commitment of the Misericordia of Florence and of its two sub-sections (Fondazione San Sebastiano and the Ambulatories), in collaboration with the Coop. Soc. Work 2000, operating in the sector of residence for Intellectual Disabilities
The CREA project was born from the realization that until now, there have been no good studies conducted on the epidemiology of mental and physical disorders, the symptomatic presentations (always atypical), the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation, and on the organization of services for the health of people with Intellectual Disabilities.
CREA intends to further the development of research and spread of scientific knowledge, as well as acquire a basis to fund other programs that will facilitate the return to excellence for the mental health of people with Intellectual Disabilities, through residential operations, through therapy, that rehabilitation or inclusive.
The activities of CREA are organized into four principle, interconnected groups: clinical, rehabilitation, research and education. The clinical and rehabilitative sectors are oriented towards the fulfillment towards the highest quality in the different specialties, but overall to the structuring of a multi-disciplinary intervention and to the optimization of the additional ways.
The final objective of the project is the return to times of improvement of the health of people with Intellectual Disabilities, with particular attention to the mental health of adults. For such an objective the principle measure of health is the quality of life, understanding how individual optimization of the relation between attribution of importance and precision of satisfaction in the various areas of life with reference to every arc of life.
CREA carries out its operation in Florence at Via del Sansovino 176, where the scientific director Dr. Marco Bertelli and three researchers: Dr. Michele Rossi (psychiatrist), Dr. Micaela Piva (psychiatrist), Dr. Daniela Scuticchio and Dr. Annamaria Bianco (psychologists) work.
CREA takes part in the activities of the Psychiatric Section of the Intellectual Disabilities of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA-SPID), including the responsibility for the WEB and the editiof of the newsletter section.
CREA cooperates with the Italian Society for the Study of Mental Retardation (Società Italiana per lo studio del Ritardo Mentale - SIRM), even for the training and WEB, and with the Italian Association for the Study of Quality of Life (l'Associazione Italiana per lo studio della Qualità di Vita - AISQuV).
CREA is associated with l'Association de Recherche et de Formation sur l'Insertion en Europe (ARFIE) and the Società Italiana di Psicopatologia (SOPSI).
From April 2009 CREA is ECM Provider No. 12936.