psychological shield to the COVID-19 distressors

Advices for managing the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated factors of mental distress for people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder with high and very high support needs

SIDiN (Italian Society for Neurodevelopmental Disorders) and CREA have promoted and coordinated the writing of a document aimed at providing persons with intellectual disabilities, low functioning autism spectrum disorder and their families with a series of practical tips to deal with distress factors related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the hygiene rules to contain it.
The document has been (and hopefully will) updated on the basis of the evolution of the events linked to the epidemic and of the feedbacks of people with developmental disabilities and their families, in order to provide suggestions as much relevant as possible with real needs.
33 clinicians and researchers from 20 different institutions have already contributed to the writing of the document, whose very first version was completed in less than two days.
The initiative had the collaborative endorsement of the National Association of Parents of Persons with Autism(ANGSA), the Italian Prader-Willi Federation, the Association for the Study of Medical Assistance to Persons with Disabilities (ASMED), and the Italian Foundation for Autism (FIA).
The document can be downloaded by clicking on the link (top right) of this page. 

Marco O. Bertelli